The Wandering Eyes impact Stability

These past five months, my body,heart, mind and energy have undergone profound changes through and along my journey of becoming a Hatha Yoga Teacher, an intent set many years back and buried and forgotten under endless passionate ideas.

What I have learned and still learning cannot be summed up nor even condensed into a brief sharing.

This morning soaked in a new space that I will be using for the coming months, I pause to question:

“How did I land here? Who am I right here right now? What could have been otherwise?”

The answer whooshes within, “Your intent played a key role in where you are today”

And I questioned, “Does the intent suffice on it’s own?”

And I heard, “Wherever you ALLOW your EYES to WANDER, that is, your FOCUS, know that this will IMPACT this NOW and MOLD the NEXT. Your STABILITY DANCES with and along your FOCUS.”


In yoga, focus matters, focus is foundational, focus is sacred and focus is grounding. And in yoga focus is on self and then transcending this self, there is no other than this self. As a yogi, one of my grounded shifts has been to witness how stability has a dance of its own with no clear constant yet impacted directly by one’s focus in this NOW. One’s focus calls to stability to adjust to the need of this now through even ASANA (posture) and every speck of BREATH.


Hear my whispers

Whatever one INTENDS to do, what matters most is one’s FOCUS. Most of us LOSE ENERGY TACKLING THINGS that take us OFF-TRACK our set PRIORITIES. Most of us are UNABLE to be fully PRESENT to this NOW. Most of us STRUGGLE to define PRIORITIES and CREATE SPACE for that which MATTERS MOST.


Any MOVE in LIFE is IMPACTED by our FOCUS, that is, where our EYES are allowed to WANDER.


There is no automatic wandering off of our focus, but rather at a deeper unconscious level, there are happenings, there are conversations, there are thoughts, there are beliefs and all these impact our focus.

The more the focus fidgets , the more one struggles to move towards one’s intent.


The reasons for this fidgeting are unknown unless one allows the space to explore same with a facilitator. This is where having an honest open heart grounded coaching conversation can guide one to uncover one’s dance of focus and stability.



There is no WRONGNESS or RIGHTNESS to WANDERING EYES but if ONES SEEKS  MOVE forward, then pausing to ASSESS the GAIN and LOSS in ENERGY and the SWAYS TOWARDS or AWAY from one’s INTENT is CRUCIAL.


Where is your focus right here right now?

What is your intent?

On a scale of 0-10, how align is your focus and intent?


Do these questions usher confusion?

Do these questions usher confusion?

CONFUSION announces QUESTIONING of WHAT we used to DO and BELIEVE.

This is exactly where ONE is CALLED to STAND if ONE SEEKS to SHIFT and TRANSFORM the STATUS QUO.

There is NO CONSTANT to STABILITY to life,





Love from my heart to yours

Image source: Marion Michelle, Unsplash 

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