Re-Negotiating To Deepen The Seeds Of Choices

Ultimately, we are all seeking a better life, a happy life, a fulfilled life, a peaceful life, a balanced life and a successful life (regardless of how we all define these terms). Walking the path of our seeking is accompanied by act of choices.


Any act of choosing ushers in the potential to shape this now and impact the future. By default change, shift and transform are part and parcel of any act of choosing. There is a fine line between “how consciously we choose" and  from what state we choose.”

We are often faced with what we may call “surface changes” which unfortunately are not sustained over the long term. Surface changes are fueled by brief if not medium-term moments of genuine motivation, inspiration and the real desire to further ahead.

Question: Where is the gap?
Answer: Our resistance to re-evaluating, re-aligning, re-thinking, re-emoting our relating to self, power, time, others and the world every time we choose, especially when choices are bound to impact in the near immediate future.

To deepen the seeds of our choices within, we are called to re-negotiate how we relate to our self, power, to time, to people and to the world.


What holds us humans, from re-negotiating is the fear of “not-knowing” that which awaits at the other hand, the mind screams “loss” while the psyche knows and understands that there is no gain without releasing that which has served its purpose and there is no furthering by holding on to what which pollutes one’s vision.
As a coach and a woman circle facilitator, I have been observing this cycle within my own self and with women that I am honored to journey with. This resistance to move further despite the awareness of what no more serves oneself, of that which is poisoning one’s life, of that which is hindering one’s progression.

There are endless paths to explore in expanding awareness of who one’s relating to self, to power, to time, to others and the world is the place to start.

Here is what I mean
Exploring beliefs about one’s perception, connecting, agreements, narratives, stories, identity, values, memories and imagination connected to self, one’s sense of power, time, others and the world.
Once we start this exploration journey, we are bound to re-negotiate our relating to each aspect of our life.

Where do we start?
Start with one tiny step.
No Change No shift No Transformation is made possible without re-negotiating one’s relating to self, power, time, others and the world.


Love from my heart to yours

Megha Venketasamy

Image source: Jeremy Bishop Unsplash 

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