“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” Wiitgenstein (1922)

What one believes in, either limits one or moves one beyond. However, Whyever, Whenever, Wherever, Whoever, Whatever one believes in and acts from that belief, one is ongoingly shaping one’s world.
The mainstream spiritual fashion world coins this as “positivism and negativism”, as a coach and facilitator, I call it “the bewitching of self through language, yet the only way through is to stay within this world, uncover whatever it is and re-write from that space.”

I would lie if I were to say that I have always had an empowering, kind and gentle language towards myself and my world. I am still uncovering places within me in need of acknowledgment, embrace, healing and shifting. Over the years, I have been taught and I am still learning how my beliefs, my words, my language towards myself, my sense of power, others and this world keep impacting my sense of self.

I am honoring my born day on this 22nd of April and these last days have been intense, as I paused to question what one intentional word I want to use for the coming 12months. A word or words that will anchor me in grounded intentions, remind me of my choosen focus and lead me to stand grounded in a creative process instead of swirling the dance of the victimized one.


My words or rather my choosen phrase for the coming 12 months is:
“I pause to open and receive”

The choice of these words are symbolic for I have spent the last ten years running, walking, rushing, healing, speaking, vibrating, voicing and dancing the emergence of my self.
This weekend as I went through this simple process of questioning myself; remember it all starts with a simple question.

What emerged for me was, this need to open up and to receive. I purposefully choosed to roll it out in a phrase for my intent is to now use this phrase to ground myself in every action that I will engage in.
Words are not just words, they are part and parcel of our inner game and this inner game is mirrored externally.
I invite you to pause for the coming days and question yourself. If you were to consciously choose a word/words and/or phrase that will be used to strategically guide you for the coming months, what will these words be? Why these words?
Behind these words, what is the need?


My emerging need is that of balancing. To balance one’s life, there is this dance of giving and receiving that is to happen and to be able to receive, one has to pause to open, there is no receiving on the rush or on the run.

I call this the process of the  self, for the self is in truth a dynamic process of unfolding, releasing, birthing, decaying, dying and rebirthing.
And to truly receive, one has to believe in the process of being bestowed with wisdom and whatever it is, every single second.

May that which we are today usher
the strength, courage, power, love and wisdom to open us to receive from life.
May that which is ushered in our space reminds us of this one truth
"The self is a process in itself, there is no beginning and there is no end
The Self is a process that every Seer will go through".

Much love from my heart to yours

Megha Venketasamy

Image source: Sharon Pudman September 2018, The Awakening Shakti Woman Conference 

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