Showing up for the Self

Sunday 28th April 2019 ushered the closure of 7 days of circling through and

within creativity, creating and creations.

I am contemplating that which is emerging for me, holding space, giving myself permission to walk this path.


Hear my whispers:
Our blinkers do not allow us to see beyond the concepts of creativity, creating and creations. We are few to be present and aware that every second we are creating, every second we are using our energy to birth and to annihilate part of us and beyond. Creativity, creating and creations are multi-dimensional. The focus has long been external while in truth, this is an inward journey, a journey of learning to trust, a journey of honoring the beauty and ugly and a journey of sacredness.

The emergence of purpose-based enterprises is shifting the consumption landscape but we are to many to dwell in the drama of externalized audience.

As an entrepreneur, I know this ride to building an audience, analytics on my webpage, the number of responses on posting and the audience reached. I am familiar with this stride I have been there for long enough now.

Last night, walking myself through the debrief of this 7days journey, I asked
Will I buy my own services?
Will I allow myself to be coached by my self?
Will I step into my own facilitated journeys and just be?
What if no one shows up, will I keep up the pace and walk myself through this journey?
What opens for me and through me through whatever it is that is being created?
Am I embracing my enoughness?
Am I embracing my magnificence?
Am I humble enough to show up for myself regardless of all?

Hear my answers:

I will. I will walk myself through my own journeys, I will show up and witness myself in all my vulnerability and magnificence and while I do so, I will hold space for the sacredness in all.

It has been a long ride to be able to utter these words for and to my own self.

This belief and trust in creative leading and guidance from beyond self. When one moves to this phase, creativity becomes consciously grounded in sacredness.
I know I will have to keep walking my way back to this essence.


I invite each one of you to pause and question yourself and as you walk yourself through these questions, I invite to give yourself permission to feel whatever emerges.

What is my call of the hour?
Can I show up for my self regardless of what this world does?
Do I believe in that which I be?              
Do I believe in that which I create?
What if no one shows up, will I keep up the pace and walk myself through this journey?
The power within any creative space is that of believing in that which one gives birth to.
Do I believe in my creativity, creating and creations?

Whatever, however, whyever, whenever, whyever and whoever be the journey, what matters is showing for the self.
Showing up for the self whether the world shows up for the self or not, is the call of the hour.
Showing up for the self and contemplating the magnificence of one’s creations is the call of the hour.
Showing up for the self and swallowing the juiciness of one’s own creations is the call of the hour.
Showing up for the self and trusting in that which is being is the call of the hour.
Showing up for the self and believing in the essence of the self is the call of the hour


Much love from my heart to yours

Megha Venketasamy

Image source: Jeremy Bishop @Unsplash 

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