Now is the Time

Now is the time to re-negociate Our Beigness as Women
Centuries of wounding has numbed our senses
Domination, separation, distortions,
Blindness, greed, Jealousy, Hatred
Name Calling, Name Erasing, Name Mis-using, Name Telling

For far too long, women have been taught and told that their worthiness is conditional and dependable on the roles that they play, on the emotions that they exhibit, on the solutions that they bring forth, on their service to this world, on how they choose to live their life.

©Megha Venketasamy November 2018

©Megha Venketasamy November 2018

Now is the time to question oneself
"Where is the wound?
What is seeking to be acknowledged?
What is my need?
To whom do I belong?
How do I heal?
How can I create space for healing to own it's rightful place?
How can I bring forth my life force and allow my creative flow to flow?
How can I contribute to my rooting as a woman?
What are the callings within?”
Now is the time for re-claiming, calling back whatever defines us as women
Now is the time to acknowledge individual and collective pains, wounds, traumas, stories and agreements.
Now is the time for face all that which that holds us back as women
Now is the time to ask these vital questions

“What does it mean to be a woman?
What do I believe about being a woman?
Who gave me those beliefs?”
Now is the time to cast and hold safe spaces for women so that they may show up to and for their selves, their stories, their journeys, their wounds, their trauma and their bodies.
Now is the time for acknowledgement, for the roots of any transformative and transmuting process rest in acknowledgement
Slowing down, Pausing, Acknowledging, Owning, Holding and Embracing
Are the needs of this Now
Now is the time to hold the mirror of life
Look within
Embrace the death of that which dis-serves us
That which causes suffering
That which is not the Truth
Now is the time to ask
What is the Truth?
The Ultimate Truth
What is it?
Now is the time to prepare the grounds for this descend
Am I taking time?
Am I honoring myself?
Am I forgiving myself?
Am I practicing radical self acceptance?
Now is the time to question
Where am I?
What is my seed of intent?
What do I wish to be unveiled to me?
Now is the time to hold oneself
What aspects of me need shedding?
What aspects of me long for growth?
What aspects of kicking to be freed?
What aspects of me are roaring to be held and acknowledged?
What aspects of me need love, intimacy, hearing, listening, a good cry and a good laugh?
What aspects of me need to illuminated, magnified, pulled open?
What aspects of you need to surface from the dark alleys of your subconscious and let free?
Now is the time to hear
That regardless of choices
We are being held and supported from within and beyond
Now is the time for women to walk within
Re-Claiming, Re-Conciliating, Re-Membering and Re-Writing  our Beingness as Women


Love from my heart to yours

Megha Venketasamy

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