New Year Resolutions, they do not work!

Happy, Joyous, Blessed and Blissful 2019! 
May your all needs be met and may all your heartful desires come true.

It is a time of the year when we start thinking of and about setting New Year Resolutions with the intention to create a better life for us.

New Year Resolutions do not work for most of us, for they come from a space of "there is something wrong about me, there is this not-enoughness about me, so let me fix me."


Our state matters most, when we seek from a state of undeserving, not-enough and scarcity, chances that we struggle are high. When we seek from that state of believing that "I must be fixed", then chances that we are unable to embrace the gifts of life are high.

That said, by all means, let's have goals and objectives, set intentions but while we are out there, know that we are perfect, we are enough the way we are.

We may not be at ease with how our life has been on roll for years, so pause and know that we did our best even if at times doing our best meant hurting ourselves with that which no more served us.

For most of us, embracing this truth that "we are good enough, we are deserving and we are perfect" is to be the one grounded focus for this year onwards. For truth be, we can only receive as much as we believe in our worth.

The game that we play in our outside world, in terms of "behaviors, actions, activities, gestures, relationships, cultural roles, rituals, ceremonies and much more" whisper about the game that we  play in our inside world in terms of "thinking, valuing, imaging, feelings, emotions, appreciating and much more. This is the dance of within without and we are always creating our experiences to receive and give, whether we believe in it or not and whether we are aware of it or not.


I write these words and I am present to the transformation that manifested in my life the day that I started embracing my worthiness, my deservingness and my enoughness. It is an ongoing walk and I keep walking every day.

This embrace at times asks of guidance, support and help from facilitators and close ones.

May each one of us allow ourselves space to reach out for support and help this year for we deserve it beyond all. 

While we set our goals and intentions, may we give our selves space and time to become clear on "why" we want whatever it is. The bigger the "why", the easier the "how" show up.

Whatever it is that you have on your list, please pause ask your these questions:

Why do I want "whatever it is"?
What need am I trying to nurture through "whatever it is"?
What difference will it make to my life?
Why is this "whatever it is" important to me and for me?


My deepest prayers for each one of us

"May we know that we are enough and perfect the way we are. May we create and evolve from that state of perfection.May we open up to receive as much as we give, for abundance dances in balance. May we be and May 2019 be a year of transformation and love."


Love from my heart to yours

Megha Venketasamy

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