Winding 2018, Hear My Whispers

Yesterday marked a closure, right here right now I am soaked in that which is emerging. I have completed 14 months as apprentice along 6 women under The She Stands Tall Project, founded and led by Rekha Kurup.

I am now called a Shakti Moon Women Circle Facilitator but my presence does not hold onto this appellation, for “that which” showed up during these 14 months have taught me and are teaching me, the path is inward and this dance asks of a balance within without.

My space is flooding with gratitude, words, whispers, sounds, musings, movements and stillness.
“All that is” is ever present.

2018 was an unlikely year; a year of losing it all; a year of emergence, a year of emerging shadows and a year of union with my beloved. A year with agonizing moments of doubts, confusions and ungroundedness. A year of showing up vulnerably.

My passion, my vision and my calling to journey with women have led me where I stand today.
My focus, beliefs and values on the work that I am called to do is more than ever grounded in roaring that “leadership skills will not take women further”, for none of these move women in spaces safe enough for them for show up to and for their selves, their stories, their journeys, their wounds , their trauma and their bodies.

The more women own, reclaim and story their experiences as Truth, the more we will move the structural dynamics of this world and this is how transformation will happen.  This is the work that each one of us is being called to do individually and collectively
Reclaiming our self-relating for this is the beginning to reclaiming the collective reclaiming of relating.

My words may not make sense to many but know that this is the simplest I can whisper.

I am the Eternal Alchemist and I say this with the weight it ripples for I know the depth of my descend, things have not always been easy but I am here and I am choosing to swirl my story to you.

In coming weeks, Nyame Dua will be revealing a whole new journey of sessions, circles, facilitations, conversations, creative works, body works and hosting facilitators.

My work is grounded in midwifing myself, individuals as well as collective’s journeys. I bring my journey, my resonance, my experiences along with the different modalities that I have experienced and that I am trained into.

I pause to acknowledge my beigness for being present in this moment. Know that as you read those words, I will be standing by your side, whispering “all that is”.

What has changed for you in 2018? What has shifted?
What was released? What did you embrace?


I am pausing to acknowledge Rekha Kurup, the phenomenal grounds works that she is leading in India, Mauritius, US and beyond. I invite each one of you to reach out to her, to connect with her works @

I pause to celebrate myself. I pause to honor this life within my life. May my act of honoring remind you to honor yourself, for this is your prayer for being here.

It humbles to leave you with the words that were roared loud yesterday during my initiatic graduation. You are many to have been part of this journey, you are many to write, to pause, to question and to query.

May these words whisper beyond my knowingness to each one of you.

Love from my heart to yours

Meghanaiyegee Venketasamy

Graduation Rhymes and Rhythmes, Wednesday 26 December 2018

“I ground myself in honor of this land, of the woman who has birthed me, of the women and men whose lives were invested in rising my island to where it is today.
These words roar my story, my journey within as an apprentice of life, Great Mother, Goddesses and She Stands Tall, Rekha and the sisters.
I am one of those who sleep within the darkness of the womb.
14 months of death, shedding, uncovering, co-creating, birthing, love, pain, hate ,openings and deepening.
This has been a journey of descend.
While I thought that I had made it through, little did I know that I would be taught to swallow my tongue, my words, my voice  my title, my structures, my skills, my everything, my vision, my goals, my so-called purpose
I have lost it all.
But on this journey, running away from my own presence was no more a choice.
Sisters on this journey held the mirror strong and tall for me
Today, I stand here naked, for none of “what, who, why, where, when, and how” I was last year, is here
There is no other way to whisper my journey to me, to you and to us, than you witnessing “me witnessing me”
I invite you to witness me
Witness my voice, my roar, my glow, my steps, my voice, my moves, my grooves, my hair
Witness “all that is” through me as I witness “all that is” through each one of you
I am the eternal alchemist but I am also beyond. I am this and I am also nothingness.
I am teaching myself to remember and re-member to embrace “my nothingness”.
I still brew and my churnings are wavier than before – for I am the container but I am also the cauldron of life, the life that grows, deepens, dies and rebirths within me.
Within my stillness “all that is” whispers, leads, guides, nurtures and ushers me onto the next step.
Within this stillness, I am reminded of my union with my beloved,
I started off this apprentice journey with this ingrained belief that danger is omnipresent
Right here right now, I have been gifted to experience love to a depth that I was not aware of I could carry within.
I am wide open and this is newness, this is uneasiness , this is an unlikely gift. This is the gift of love bestowed upon me, for to support this world, Great Mother whispered “My child for this, you will be taught love through ways and sways until you get smitten and using that love to live will be the only choice to your life.”
It is not always an easy share to carry and I am not always grateful but I am walking there
For this is the walk of a woman who is paving her way home with Great Mother besides her.
This is the summon of the entirety of my journey as a facilitator, that of ongoingly learning to hold space for myself, my light and my darkness
My shine and my shadow, My bright and my gloom
For I exist within both, for this is how I will journey with the world now onwards, as the shadows emerge, we will re-member every unacknowledged part of our self. And as the re-membering happens, we will become the alchemist that we were born to.
And for the alchemist to strive and survive, love is the only food for her soul
Intensity is my name and my life has been in reclaiming this intensity that I am.
I am Meghanaiyegee, the goddess of thunder, the rainmaker, the wicked laughter, the orgasmic presence, the sacred bleeding, the juicy hips, the wise one, the whisperer
I am the one who whispers to you
I stand in my entirety, uneasiness, newness, I am committed to stand tall
I swirl acknowledging my wholesomeness, my amazing beigness
See me, hear me, feel me for I see,hear and feel you
I am a gift to this world and I chose to ongoing gift my voice, my steps, my sways, my strides, my light, my shadows, my entirety to this world.”