For every expansion there is an equal contraction

The law of gravity says “for every expansion there is an equal contraction”.
For every beam of light there is a beam of dark that balances the equation. For every up, there is a down. For every act of opening, not matter how tiny or wide it is, there is a close off.

For every stepping into the light, there shall be an equal emergence of the Shadow-Self.

I have spent the past year opening in ways that I have not even dreamt of. My confessions:with each act of opening, I have had closed off my butterfly wings and with moments of hibernating and hiding.

“Any act of opening whether through writing, through a new business venture, intimate sharing with family or opening to a new love – chances are you will experience the closing of your wings. You may have to hide. Feeling will emerge, hidden feelings. Crawling fear will come knocking on you. This is a visceral phase.”


Hide.Slow down. Rest. Sleep. Cry. Eat properly. Exercise. Meditate. Pray. And Cry. Salt Baths. Yoga. Art Therapy. And Cry Harder. Nature. And Cry Harder Louder.
But come what may, Stay Open!!


I have had an intense year with three massive trips, Bangalore in April, Joburg (my soul land) in June and I volunteered for the Parliament of World Religions in November and amidst this, I have opened my heart to love to a depth that was unknown to my self.

12th November, I returned home with a badly congested chest. Last week, while flowing through that which has emerged, I thought that it was just the end and I had figured it out. But right here right now, I am contemplating how “for every stepping into the light, there shall be an equal emergence of the Shadow-Self. I have closed off for weeks, using every possible tools that I know to support myself with the grounded intent to shift.”

When the Shadow -Self emerges, most facilitators will say “face the shadow”.

I whisper,

“face the Shadow but stay open. It is easier to close off but stay open. Stay open in fears, stay open in anger, stay open in sadness, stay open in confusion, stay open in lost. Staying open will ask of you to be more than just present to your feelings, emotions, fears and shadow. Staying open is about allowing oneself to move to that space of knowingness that one’s safety is present in all spaces and circumstances especially when one’s heart is wide open.”


I know it feels torturous. I know it is hard.

But know that danger-reversed is “omnipresent safety of one’s heart.”
This in itself is an act of reclaiming self-love, for self-love is nothing but an act of consciously choosing to stay open with the knowingness that sacredness and safety is omnipresent.


I know we are many out there who are choosing to stay open. I also know we are many struggling to stay open when closing-off runs in our veins.

Stay open and know that this “Staying Open” will shift and deepen your discernment and teach you when to dive deeper and when to leave.

I know this is no easy walk but I know we are many to choose to walk along this path. I choose to believe by so doing, we are in truth playing a key role in shifting the system that we live in. Generations to come will be Receivers of this love that we will leave behind.

To you who are choosing to stay open, to you who are struggling to find your way through, to you who believe you are doomed, to you who pain, to you who love, to you who are you.
I see you. I hear you. I feel you.
I am deeply humbled by your path.


Love from my heart to yours.

Megha Venketasamy

Image source:Vinicius Amano, Unsplash

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